How To Stay Motivated Through Off Season

During the summer, everyone seems to really enjoy training. Cycles over the weekend, open water swims, we make lots of progress & we become fitter and faster than the previous years. So why undo all of that hard work?

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated during the off season.

1. Plan next years events

I am starting to do this myself now. Having a long term goal is important to stay motivated as your training will have a purpose.

2. Strength Training- Off season is the time to work on strength. During the season, strength is something that takes a back seat but in the winter months, it becomes my focus. I always get asked how do you get stronger on the bike. I generally answer with “weights in the gym” to most intermediate riders. Now this can be done by yourself but if you have the funds get yourself a trainer. Remember you are not just training for general health but a specific sport so make sure your trainer has a reputation for sports conditioning. Six pack Pete won't get the job done.

3. Just keep swimming

The winter time is when you can really start to master your stroke efficiency, get lessons and follow a plan. Do the drills in a pool and you will see the benefits next season. Yes, you can't win the race in the swim but you can start the race in the best way possible, if you finally put some time into swimming. Depending on your ability, I would programme one to three swim sessions per week to really perfect your stroke.

4. Plan some cycling holidays- Last time I went abroad I made sure I cycled to keep my fitness up. There are loads of cycling specific holidays out there, it gives you an excuse to train and also you get to see a bit of sunshine. You don't have to travel abroad, there are also some great routes in the UK, this is on the itinerary for next easter.

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