The Basic Guide to Bike Maintenance

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories relating to myself having many issues with my bike. I decided enough was enough. Time to stop being lazy and actually look after my poor squeaking bike. I went to the bike shop, got my bike repaired and parts replaced leaving the shop a poorer human being. Here are my top 5 tips on keeping your bike in tip top condition Pump It Up Keep the tires inflated. Not only does this make you faster and easier to ride, it also helps prevent you getting punctures. Have a look at your tires to see the suggested pressure, I always have a little more in the rear tire as the back takes more of my weight. Snake Bite Learn how to fix a puncture or change an inner tube. Watch a tutorial on YouTube to help with this, it can be tricking removing the tire from the rim if you have never done this before. Pull My chain Making sure you clean and lubricate the chain regularly, will help keep your parts in better condition. Turn your bike upside down, use an old tooth brush to clean the derailleur and any part that has dirt or debris on it. Push the pedal backwards so that the chain can run along on old cloth, once you have done this you can now drop some bike oil along the chain whilst it’s moving to keep it well lubricated. Squeaky Clean While you are doing maintenance on the chain you might as well clean the rest of the bike while you are at it. Give the hub, wheels and frame a good scrub. It’s surprising what a polish can do to your bike. I forget that mine is years old and fall in love with it again. Put the Breaks On Keep a check of your break pads, they are easy to see if worn out as there are grooves in the pads. If you go past the grooves, you know they need changing. Again use a YouTube tutorial to see how to do this. I hope this helps all of you out there that are a little clueless on bike maintenance.

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