What To Pack In Your Race Bag

If you are doing you first triathlon you might be wondering what you need to take with you. I have written up a quick list for you.

This photo is of all the things I packed when I did my first triathlon back in 2013.

Ok, I may have gone a little over board on the energy bars, I don't think I even ate one on the day. But I wanted to be prepared.

So this is the list of what I will pack for my next triathlon, broken down into disaplines;


Goggles- I would advise packing two pairs, one with a clear leans for cloudy days and the other polorized or tinted for the sunny summer that we are having.

Anti Fog Spray- When I teach the Introduction to Open Water swimming course at the London Docks I talk about how to stop your goggles from steaming up, I recommend using anti fog spray.

This isn't in the picture, as I used to lick my goggles to deal with my goggles steaming up. I also remember those goggles leaking on the day as well!

Swim Hat- Some triathletes like to wear their own hat first then put their goggles on, then the race hat over the top, this way your goggle straps will not get pulled off.

Triathlon Suit- You have to have your tri suit on before your wetsuit, so this goes in the swim category.

Wetsuit- This is the bulkiest thing that you have to pack.


Bike- Well just incase you forget, it needs to be on the list :)

Shoes- Cycling shoes. Or you may have opted to not have cleats, so you can take the trainers you plan on running in.

Helmet- Make sure you take your helmet with you and in the race put your helmet on before you leave the transition area.

Towel- I don't use my towel to full on dry myself and hair, I actually like to use it so I can see where my bike is in transition, you can see I had a bright pink towel I cannot miss it when I am running down the line of bikes.

Race Belt- For my first race I had this waiting for me in the transition on top of my handle bars.

Water Bottles- 2 on the bike, I have one with electrolyte in and one with plain water.

Gels- You can take some gels with you on the ride in your back pocket, for longer distance you may want to take energy bars with you as well.


Trainers- You can even put quick release/do up laces in your shoes for extra quick transition time.

Water Bottle- As this summer is extra hot it won't hurt to have another bottle of water waiting for you in transition just incase you need it.

Gels- I usually take one gel whilst I am cycling so it kicks in when I start the run, if you are doing longer distance you need to take more with you for the run section.

After the race

I wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt to the race and I can change back into them once I have finished.

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