Training on Holiday

Are you going on your summer holidays and worried it is going to effect your training schedule?

Here’s a bit of information and advice on what I do when I am away to help keep me on track. Things you can do that do not cost extra


As long as you bring your trainers with you, you will be able to take yourself out for a run wherever you are.

I have been doing nice long runs along the seafront 8-10km a day. As the temperature is a lot hotter than the UK I have been going out early in the morning to avoid the suns heat. I did get caught out the first morning and melted on kilometer 4. Swimming

As I am right near the sea, doing open water swimming is no problem. Just make sure you check the flags are green and research if there are rip tides. Training in a pool is a bit more tricky, no one could tell me the length of the pool in Spain, so I guessed the distances I was swimming. I have been having to contend with flamingo inflatables, bombing children, and the casual breaststrokers. I decided to swim as soon as the pool opens there were less people in the water. Mobility

Why not try some morning stretch sessions on the beach, it is so peaceful and a great way to start the day. You are on holiday to relax so why not help your body and mind to relax a little more. I wasn’t the only person with the same idea, I met a few yogis doing their sun salutations on the sand. Things that cost a little extra Join a Gym

Whilst I have been away on my holiday, I have been paying for day passes. I passed about 4 gyms on my way to a local CrossFit gym so I was spoilt for choice. You may already have a gym facility available to you if you are staying in a hotel.


You can hire bikes for the day or a week and take yourself out exploring or even join a group for a cycle. If you use Strava you can check out the local routes. I managed to get lost a few times ending up on busy dual carriageway, navigating around Spanish roundabouts are let’s say interesting. Food

I hear so many people saying they went crazy and feel bad when they arrive home after eating everything in their path. I still try to eat nutritious food when I can. That doesn’t mean to say I haven’t been enjoying myself drinking sangria, eating dessert and enjoying a few paella’s whilst in Spain.

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