How Balance Your Life around Your Fitness Goals

Finding it hard to divide your time between work, training and a social life? Do not worry you are not the only one who struggles. Planning your week ahead with not only training but the food I eat is crucial for me to have a productive week. Whether you are a Lark that rises early, a cheeky monkey that can sneak a session in during lunch break or a Night Owl -there will be a time in the day when you can train. 1. Use your commute. If you travel into work use that to your advantage. Either run or cycle the whole distance, or if you live too, far travel half the distance by car or train and cycle/run the rest. It saves on the monthly travel card and you will be surprised how many miles you can rack up over the weekdays. 2. Early morning session. I see most consistency with people who train in the morning. It becomes a routine and you are less likely to miss the session. I have clients that see me for HIIT or indoor cycling sessions in the morning that have already run into the studio before we start. This is great idea if you have a hectic work schedule and plans in the evening. As two sessions have been completed before the working day has begun. 3. Utilize your lunch break. I know in a lot of offices there is a culture of grabbing a sandwich and eating at your desk. By stepping out of the work environment and exercising, it will actually make you more positive towards the rest of the day and will increase your energy levels, meaning you will have a more positive attitude once you get back to your desk. 4. Training after work Whether you are going into the gym for a strength and conditioning session or down to the pool. Make sure you leave work the time you planned and commit. If you do have plans in the evening then you will have to swap it for a morning or lunchtime session. 5. The weekend I know its the weekend, but this is when you can enjoy time with your loved ones. Get friends involved either for a training ssession session in the gym or for a long cycle ride, plan a mid way stop in a country pub that does good food or a cafe that does homemade cake. It can becom a social thing too. I run early morning open water swim sessions on Saturdays and always ask if people have plans after their swim. They usually reply with a yes saying they have their bag packed ready and are off to meet friends for the afternoon. The lake closes at 12 so it means that you are done by mid day and have the rest of the day feeling fresh. 6. Food prep Sundays Some of you may have seen my instagram stories on Sundays, they show me preparing my lunch and evening meals for the weekdays. I just make overnight oats and a shakes for the next day during the week as those taste better fresh. I wake up around 5am Mon-Fri so I do not want to be running around sorting food. I sometimes return home at 8pm, the last thing on my mind is cooking a nutritious meal for myself. It does take a big chunk out of my Sunday but it saves me time in the week when I become busy. I save money as I am not eating out and I can keep track of what I am eating. 7. Staying Focused and Planning By planning your week ahead you can work your training into your schedule. I even write out a list of things I have to do every morning so I stay on top of things. No one said that living the fitness dream would be easy, it takes hard work and dedication, especially with food. By taking small steps in changing your approach to your training and diet you will see the benefits.

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