The New Year- Setting Goals

So the Festive season is coming to an end, you overindulged far too much on the Christmas desserts and drank more vino than anticipated. You have now done a full U-turn on your thoughts of alcohol and mince pies and actually, your whole outlook on your health and wellbeing has taken a turn. The only opinion you are dead certain on still is Brussel sprouts. Here are some helpful tips to get you kick started in the new year.

Setting achievable goals

The Training Part

This may sound obvious but I see so many people (myself included) ask too much of themselves in the new year. If in 2017 your average time you went to the gym or trained was 3 in a week, don't go doubling that amount, especially if the average in December was more like -3. Start at 3 and aim to increase it to 4 by mid to the end of February this way you won't feel too overwhelmed at the beginning.

The Eating Part

Now the food part I find is the most difficult. Don't go all organic green juice, green tea, only from the earth crazy on yourself.

You may find yourself after two weeks of hardly eating any carbs and seeing only green liquid, in a situation where a colleague at work will offer you a biscuit with your tea not realising it wasn't the communal Tetley bag out of the staff tin, but your newly purchased organically grown, loose leaf, Mint with Matcha, Burdock Root, & Chinese Oolong Tea hand-picked by monks from the fields of Chiang Mai. You then eat not only the biscuit but then go into complete meltdown and before you know it you have eaten the whole biscuit supply of the office and have Papa John's ordering you the largest pizza in the history of your orders.

You can still eat carbohydrates and you can very occasionally have that biscuit. Find an eating habit that is sustainable for the rest of your life, not just a 2 week cleanse that you know will break you physically and mentally as you are working out more than ever before and eating fewer calories than ever before. Be kind to your body and give it lots of love with a rounded diet of greens, grain and protein. This way you will fuel your body for all of the training you are embarking on in the new year.

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