Keeping Motivated Over The Festive Period

Mince pies, mulled wine, yule log, Christmas cake, Bailey's hot chocolate, boozy weekends, Christmas parties, Christmas markets and cosy nights in watching that crappy Christmas film you see every year. The list goes on as to why you didn't train and why your intake of calories skyrocketed through the catastrophic month of poor gym attendance and lack of greens intake that is December.

Plan your sessions at a different time of day

So it's Thursday, you usually go to the pool for a swim or hit the gym for a session after work, but this week you know that the only thing you will be hitting hard is your liver after another shindig with the work lot. Why not try changing your schedule around. I have seen a lot of people attending my early morning classes as they know they have things planned in the evening so they make sure they get their workout done before work.

Utilise your lunch break, if you can eat at your desk then don't waste half of your lunch break standing in a queue waiting for the Christmas special turkey and cranberry wrap that the deli has to offer near your office. Take your lunch with you to work and go straight to the gym for an interval session on the bike with a bit of resistance training. This will boost your energy level for the rest of the afternoon putting you in good stead for the night ahead.

One day of overindulgence isn't going to ruin your diet

Stop panicking if you overindulge for a few days. So what, you are allowed to enjoy yourself. Just know when to stop or when to choose the less indulgent option. Even if you are eating out, restaurants will cater to your needs.


If you are drinking avoid calorific drinks such as wine, cocktails and beer which are around 419 calories per pint.

Even making small changes in your drinks, can limit damage to your diet, for example:

A Bombay Sapphire 25ml & Tonic water is around 120 calories compared to the Slimline alternative at just 59 calories.

A growing number of people are opting for the Mocktail option more and more these days, this of course is the wiser choice and your insides will thank you for it.

When the evening arrives your mate is egging you on to neck the shot of Sambuca, your 15 year old self succumbs to peer pressure quicker than Santa eats a mince pie, all of a sudden everything is a blur, and it's the next day. Your 15 year old self surfaces again and remembers Mum's words of wisdom "If someone told you to jump off a bridge...."

Alcohol isn't just empty calories, it can effect your performance in the gym too. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake the drink aware website has some useful tips on cutting down.

Stay motivated and positive

Tis the season to be jolly. Even if you haven't been able to do as much as you would have hoped, something is better than nothing at all. Don't get too down about missing a few sessions here and there, just use the time that you have wisely. HIIT is a great for burning calories for those of you training against the clock.

January is just around the corner, so enjoy the festive season whilst you can.

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