How to Keep Your Bike Fitness Over the Winter

Don't fancy spending hours on your bike this winter. Are you worried when it is time to come out of hibernation that you will have lost all that you gained on the bike last season?

Never fear, there is always another option to freezing your little tootsies off on that long ride.

Turbo Trainer

If you are like me and love binge watching on Netflix, then using your turbo trainer will be perfect to catch up on the third series of Narcos.

The benefits of a turbo trainer are that you can get a more consistent and continuous session as you don't have to contend with traffic lights or junctions. The smart trainers enable you to see your data on an app and you can set your resistance in different settings to give you the feeling of different gradients.

Make sure your heating is not set too high, as you will be wishing you were outside in the cold and wet half an hour in!

Building Power in Those Legs

I teach a lot of indoor cycling. At one of the studios I coach at, the participants can see their power output as well as mine displayed on screens during the class. They always seeM to be impressed at my average power and ask me how I can get it that high.

Yes, I am at an advantage as I ride so much that my fitness and endurance levels are high. I also take strength & conditioning and mobilisation seriously.

I am always badgering my clients to do more work in the gym, this will make a massive improvement in their overall performance. By strengthening the muscles in the legs you will be able to push more power and also work on the endurance in your muscles.

By becoming more mobile you will be more comfortable on the bike and you will become more resilient to injuries.

Now that it is darker earlier, use the time you may have gone out for a ride to take a trip to the gym instead or even work through a routine at home.

Group Cycling Classes

If you need a little bit more of motivation over the winter time, try some group classes. They are lots of fun, and you can still get a good workout in, especially if you come to one of my classes. They usually last around 45 minutes and cover a few hill climbs along with some intervals to keep your fitness levels in check.

A Watt Bike?

Can you guess what it measures?

They are the closest thing to a road bike you can get indoors. Most gyms have watt bikes in their cardio section nowadays.

In the past I have done a lot of my training on a Watt Bike when I cannot get on the road. They have everything from FTP testing to ramp testing available on the screen attached to the bike. You can also save your data with the watt bike app. Using a watt bike is always a good option if you and your buddy need more of a push to get the sessions in through the winter.

There is Always Hot Chocolate

Get your base layers and waterproofs on and just get out there.

Most roads are gritted through the winter, it is a good idea to plan your route before you go out. That way you can plan a pit stop at a cozy cafe that can warm you up.

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