What should I be training in the gym as a triathlete?

Resistance training is an essential part of training to any professional swimmer or triathlete.

By regularly training in the gym you can improve your strength, power and endurance. This will ensure you see benefits on land as well as improvements to your performance in the swimming pool.

Weight training is a particularly great way to help with injury prevention and aid in shredding excess body fat, which means greater power to weight ratio.

For example, swimming front crawl you engage around 24 muscles each time you do an arm stroke. This isn’t just in your upper body but in your lower body too.

Having more control over your joints will aid with how much power we get out of these muscles. By targeting weaker areas and particular muscles that continuously work whilst swimming, we can improve posture, tendon and muscle strength.

Strengthening the muscles in your back and shoulders are a great way of increasing the power in your stroke, as well as working on your core strength, which is essential to a smooth stroke. If your core is not engaged you will not have control over your body position in the water, you will feel flimsy and have no connection between the hips and shoulders.

Mobility and flexibility plays an important part in your stroke. In particular- shoulder mobility.

Check out my blog on Mobility and Flexibility to help you incorporate this in to your schedule. I have written a list of exercises that should be in every athletes training programme:

Upper Body

Pull Ups or Lat Pull down

Chest Press

Over head press

Bent over row


Core Work

Lower Body




Good Mornings

Step Ups

Glute Bridge

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